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I love the original and this is an equivalent cover =)

viewtifulday responds:

Thank you :) That means a lot!

I wish I had such inspiration and talent for piano pieces. This really brings my emotional stress level down. A smooth modern classical piano piece like that is seldom to find on Newgrounds. Stay on this way =)

Greetings Semaphore

BlazingDragon responds:

Your piano pieces aren't bad at all. I like how you don't strictly quantize or stick to a metronome.

Thanks very much! :)

This is more than just a few notes together ... these are feelings.

I love all of your pieces.

Never give up on making music =)

vibe-newgrounds responds:

I won't. Thank you. :)

Krussi just one thing.


This is absolutely on of my favourite songs on Newgrounds.

The samples, mastering, soundquality, harmony, instruments, effects, building, variation, melody and complexity is just perfect.

I will vote as much as I can that this will be on the " Best ever" list one day =)


just a fan Sema

Hey Chris,

Ric here. I'm still around NG of course =D I really like the complexity of this song. And the drums are great too. Only the synthy on 2:00 - 2:20 gave me some earpain though the solo is great you should just use another one for that part or try it a octave lower. You can upgrade your song I think, so maybe you will rework it. But I'm impressed how you improved and I'm glad you try many styles =) keep that up NG and the world needs you. I'll try to vote for it every day you have my support.

Cheers Sema

I knew why I faved you =)

It really loops perfect on NG good job ^^

Very catchy track I didn't recognized the loop first and when I saw the timebar I just thought "WOW incredible good looped"

This piece is a mirror of your abilities and I'm sure they will improve even further so practice a bit more and create even more epicmusic =)

I'm bad in writing comments but better in hearing and enjoying music so I'm interested in your upcoming tracks

Greetings Sema

sorohanro responds:

Thank you for your very kind words.

I really like your style it's not that horror skrillex bassline with minimal harmony it is a really melodic piece with great timed effects and even piano parts won't getting in the detail here but you and people know what I'm saying cause you produced it and they can here it =)

Keep going with music production =)

I usually have not many faved artists but when I do they rock =D

Cheers Sema

Indigorain responds:

Thanks mate, I appreciate the support :D

I really like that too. maybe add some more instruments for more chord progression.

W00ki3 responds:

Ok i will add some ;) thanx

Hey sounds very professional =)

I will never reach this symbiosis with drums and ambient or maybe modern classic

Maybe I would go deeper with the chords but fortunately there are other composers like you which inspire me as well

Well done

Cheers Sema

Ultran responds:

Thanks for the great feedback. Working with chords more has actually been on my mind recently. I appreciate you bringing it up!

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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