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really impressed

it's much better than my first song

independent of audio quality

you've proven talent here

is it made on a real piano or did you used a program?

if you make new songs you can send me a mail I will take a ear on your new stuff =)

greets Sema

Baldev responds:

yeah it is a real piano and yeah i will totally let you know when i put some new stuff on i plan on recording some more soon. I have a whole bunch of materiel i just haven't been able to record it and put it on! Thank you sooo, much for your words much appreciated!!!

Hybrid ^^

Drum N Base mixed with Ambient

now I know why I like it so much =D

I have a ear on you ;)

greets Sema

makes me horny

For more Dubstep

nice mastering, lovely beat and instruments you used

you packeged the melody in a very nice way

it has a different sound from other songs on NG

that's a 10 worth =)

greets Sema

not bad =D

but I think that's where you want to go to

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/245254

I like it =)

very smooth country groove

chills me out ^_^v

keep it up =)

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Urbanus responds:


deserved 10

I think you really did a great job with that XP Sartup Theme remix

there are some little things you could improve like the suddenly end

but you really derserves a 10 =)

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love these chords =D

sure it sounds pretty nice

what for VST's have you used?

if you want I can help you a bit with mastering and Instruments

greetz Sema

Zenvan responds:

Haha I fell in love with the chords the first time I heard Heaven Town and the idea just came to me one day :D
Aside from FL Core I just have Nexus 2.
I'd love to see what you could do to this track, I'll have to send you the project file.

I really like it

nothing to say about the chord progression and the melody = really good =)

but I think the mainproblem is that all synths are weak

I feel no power in there maybe you can change them into a real hard beat and a crying lead instrument + solid bass line and chor + backround harshing instrument

greetz Sema

Zenvan responds:

Thanks for the positive response :)
As of now I'm just starting out and I'm not really sure where to begin even looking for more powerful synths, or instruments in general.

I know this

this is a remix of FuNaNdMoRe's New World song

to find here http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/224584

I really like this remix

some fine things are gone in your track but the sound is bigger

anyhow great work

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Maverlyn responds:

I never heard his track before.. but we are using the same program for making music with the same samples "Magix music maker"

instant fav

this is really harmony

I love the harp and the chor

which program did u use? =)

10 stars
5 points
and Download

greetings Sema

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vibe-newgrounds responds:

Thanks. I produce music with Cubase 4.

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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