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This is pretty solid. Did you reconstruct the Orchestral part with your VST's? The only 2 things I can critisize is it's too short and the clipping above 0DB mark. If the song isn't loud enough I just turn the Volume up but that's maybe only me cause I like clean Mastered songs. Otherwise great Dubstep remix.

Geoplex responds:

Yeah, this is entirely remade from scratch. Thanks for the feedback dude :)

This must be really combined with effort. It's one of the best pieces in quality on NG which VST did you use for the instruments or the voice, is it your real voice?

etherealwinds responds:

Well thank you very much! That's a high compliment. Yeah, the voice is recorded by myself :)

Nice to hear such uplifting orchestral music =)

Geoplex responds:

Hey dude. I used to listen to your music a lot in 2010 (especially to "within a century") so it's really cool to have you hear my music :) Thanks!

Is that a real guitar oder a VST?

Buoy responds:


Nice clean and full sound the only 3 things that bother me are the 3 off notes @ 0:52, 0:59: 1:13 besides that it's all fine =)

SydRic responds:

Thanks for review, I'm kinda surprised that I didn't notice those sour sounds before lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways. :D

This is excellent, how did you do the collab? And which part is from who? Tell us AAAAALLLLL!!!!

Skullbeatz responds:

We've created a dropbox folder and just threw everything in it.. sorted out the garbage and mixed everything that fits together.. so there's something from both of us in every part. :)
thanks man!

This s a pearl on newgrounds. I love you!

Geoplex responds:

That's a high compliment! Thank you :)

I love to see (hear) there are some pearls between all the stones on Newgrounds =)

LawnReality responds:

Glad you like it!

I love it, sounds clear, catchy and as always well made =)

Skullbeatz responds:

Thanks man! and thanks for still listening after all these years :)

Very inspiring. It remembers me of 80s and 90s movies with excellent tracks. Something really rare these days. You did a great job on this. Hope you will produce more like this in the future.

LawnReality responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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