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I really like it

nothing to say about the chord progression and the melody = really good =)

but I think the mainproblem is that all synths are weak

I feel no power in there maybe you can change them into a real hard beat and a crying lead instrument + solid bass line and chor + backround harshing instrument

greetz Sema

Zenvan responds:

Thanks for the positive response :)
As of now I'm just starting out and I'm not really sure where to begin even looking for more powerful synths, or instruments in general.

I know this

this is a remix of FuNaNdMoRe's New World song

to find here http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/224584

I really like this remix

some fine things are gone in your track but the sound is bigger

anyhow great work

Maverlyn responds:

I never heard his track before.. but we are using the same program for making music with the same samples "Magix music maker"

instant fav

this is really harmony

I love the harp and the chor

which program did u use? =)

10 stars
5 points
and Download

greetings Sema

vibe-newgrounds responds:

Thanks. I produce music with Cubase 4.


I would say you did a great job with all 3 remixes

the second is my fav =D

that's why I made a remix out of it

I hope you will keep up to do such great stuff in future =)

greetz Sema

perfect loop =D

you proven great talent with this song

the only thing is that the clash is a bit to late for the highlight

but that really doesn't matter

the rest fits perfect

I love the violin

which VST is that?

This is Amazing

yesterday favd by short hearing/ today I give a listen and I'm absolutely not disappointed

almost perfect and Not to repetitive

good musicians know that =)

One of the best hybrid of electro classic and rock in NG

one critism thing is the timing and start sound of some instruments but that's a result of virtual samples and is quickly patched

and you could take at 1:02 and 2:13 violins with one octave higher and make the other louder

you are very talented

so keep up making such good and epic music

Cheers Sema

cool =)

remember me on foxtrott uniform charlie kilo from bloodhound gang =D

I love the part at 2:17

keep it up Chris

greets Ric

Chzz responds:

This electronic version sounds bad ;) I am right building a band up, and we are practicing this. We are comming along fine and it has breaks and stuff now :D I play bass and sing!

really cool =)

Sounds really good

I love the chorlike instrument at 1:53

the only thing is I miss a speed change =)

keep it up Sema

Warhector responds:

hey thanks for the comment =D
a little slopy rythm is easy to speed up, unforntunatly i lost my studio files along with a hardrive :S so I have to just leave it like this : /

nicht schlecht

so viel liebe zu Deutschland muss belohnt werden xD

vielleicht mach ich mal einen holländischen Song =D

CrapMusicStation responds:

hahaha, das wird zupa, ein holländischen Song :D Dankeschön fur deinen zupa-tolle reaction (or something). Ich bin sehr slecht in deutch, ich bin zelbst besser in Franseuzisch

pretty cool =)

I think the only things u could improve is are hall effect trough the whole song to connect the transitions better and a slighty lower velocity for ending

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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