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better without vocals

the vocals are sometimes a bit out of sync

but I think it would be much better without voclas

maybe you can upload a instrumental version and send me the link =)

I will vote 10 and 5 points then ^_^v

cheers Sema


I love the music of Banjoo Kazooie

let me fall in nostalgy ^_^v

great work =D

AikaMusic responds:

Thanks, Haha I knew fans of the game would love it. Hopefully I'm able to really do something awesome with this in the future!

very good =)

I really appreciate your classical ave maria cover

philip1300 has written a very scathing remark he's rather a simple techno listener

I really like the deep sound of the piano and the clear sound of the chor

the only note I could recognize as different in compare to the original was at 0:29

and that's your free composing artwork

the only thing I would change is the higher part of the piano into a harp sound because it would be more harmonic in my opinion

apart from that it's a 10 worth because I never heard ave maria at newgrounds and in such a nice way

Cheers Semaphore =)

sorohanro responds:

Thanks for the nice review.
I didn't want to make a cover on "Ave Maria", is just a sound alike, a piece that should just remind you of the original.
The reason of making it was just to show how just by using vowels you can play tricks on listeners mind. You listen to "A-e Ai-i i-ia" but what you hear is "Ave Maria".

Anyway, today the sample patch will be online and feel free to download it and use it ;)
Check the forum in 40~50 minutes ;)

I love it ^_^v

the instruments sounds like midi sometimes but you really hit the feel of the song =)

it's in tact and you did a great voice part with this flute or whatever xD

greetz Sema

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Zmandestroyer responds:

Its actually part midi but i make a rough copy before the final thanks man! Got any song requests?

you can do it nicer =)

I really like it but I have some critism to improve the song

the all instruments should be louder less the soundeffects

the lead instrument should be audible on full pan

the beat, clap and hihat are a bit to mono and dry

some effects are missplaced ( I don't mean the tact, the tact is great) and out of harmony

maybe you should go up one octave with the leadinstrument

if you upload a new version write me pls =)

greetz Sema

really great

I heard that in a battle of Eve Online youtube vid

and I was very surprised as I saw it's coming from Newgrounds

All I can say it's a song which motivated me to review it ^_^v

Song faved
Artist faved
10 Stars
5 Points

Keep it up

greets Semaphore

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you've got my attention with this

great idea, nice pan, professional mastering, lovely instruments

= faved + 5 point + 10 stars +artist fav

2 questions - which program and which VST's ? ^_^v

greets Sema

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really nice =)

it's a nice loop too =D

I would take a higher hihat but it's really great

no idea which guy voted 1 before me but with my overpowered vote it's on 4.50 now xD

keep it up

greets Sema ^_^v

Zn3tz responds:

Thanks man :D
You should check out the zeta+ version (DEMO1) I like that one better :)


I really enjoyed the renaissance feeling sir

the hall effect was a pleasure

good evening

greetings Mr.Semaphorings

silencefreedom responds:

Guten abend, vielen dank! :)

nice mix =)

Coldplay would be glad ^^

Ioved the guitar solo

but I have to say that the ride or hihat really destroys the song, it is really out of tact sometimes and a big way too loud --> - 1 Star

but the rest is absolutely great especially your soft voice, you really don't need to strain you by listening and that's a good thing =)

greets Sema ^_^v

TommyUlysesGrant responds:

Yes I see what you mean. sorry, but thank you.

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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