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This Piece

This Piece is truly epic =)

All effects, melodies and instruments are fitting very well and I love it

I couldn't done it better

it intercedes an absolutely great wide open feeling

keep up such great work mate

Cheers Sema ^_^v

Bidoof45 responds:

<3 Thank you for the lovely review

You did a great job =)

I really like the story you tell with heart, I can feel with it

Nice clean and fitting rhymes without flaming words I really appreciate that even if I'm german

You have choosen a harmonic melody and mastered it good too

This is real modern hip hop

Keep up the nice work

Cheers Sema

=) soft air flow

Very smooth and nice flowing ambient athmosphere.

I love this one, perfect mastering and all Instruments fit together very well =)

keep up this kind of music making!

Cheers Sema ^-^v

very nice Chris =)

you really do big steps in producing music

it's almost perfect besides some distortions, insert a Parametric EQ for Every instrument, look at the bandwith and cut off all except the main frequencies and the same for the master channel but only from 15 Hz - 20000 Hz this should make the song yet smoother =)

Great work, keep it up Chris

Cheers Sema ^_^v

Chzz responds:

Hey Ric, long time ago :D Yea well I am good at making the music I think, but I still haven't learned to master it :( I don't really know how to do it D: But thanks for the tip and the 10 :)

Very nice ambient

the only thing I find annoying is the steady drum part make a part without this hall drum and it will be more relaxing =) maybe a part with more instruments to get a climax in this I think every song deserves it ;)

I dont really hear a distortion and I dont know how you mastered that piece and what you use for a program but the cause could be a to loud setting in an velocity of an instrument or a limiter which pump it up too much or effects which favour the distortion and fuzz

my tipp set the effects down a little bit and use a filter on every instrument tosrew back the frequenzys a bit in mid and low range frequencies 20 - 10000 Hz and it should be very fine because the high frequencies are flawless

fix it a bit and reupload and pm me for 5 points and ten stars then

Sry for bad english and Cheers Sema ^_^v

I would say

It's from Psybot - Digital Spirit

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/272632

Technomancer22 responds:

Correct, HUMAN. You win...

Very smooth

This reminds me on " my heart will go on - Celine Dion " because of the first chords

and a few songs of "Siedler 4" because of this fitting hall effect ^^

It's very harmonic and the instruments are well choosen

Great Song =)

Cheers Sema ^_^v

Xmusical responds:

thanks.much appreciated:)

love it =)

I really love the details in the notes of the leadinstruments.

I mean you can't really give less than a 10 to it but to reach a 11 you have to make it longer =D

It would be a great submission for 2011 and maybe we can work together on it =)

So write me then

Cheers Sema ^_^v

definitive =)

I have to review that even it's an older submission of you because...

you are the new balladman of NG

I really love the slightly emotional guitar playing

Youre Voice fits exactly in such music pieces it gives a very professionel touch

I want to hear more of kind like this =)

Cheers Semaphore (^_^)v

really great =)

you get better and better =)

it seems you have a talent to sing for songs which sounds like a ballad from Frank Sinatra ^^

You already play very well on your guitar now

keep it up Chris

greetz Sema ^_^v

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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