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I love it =) enough said ;)

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Skullbeatz responds:

Thanks mate :)

That's incredibly good =)

Everytime I want to make a song with drums I'm about to despair. In your songs they fit so natural that I just enjoy the music and don't hear what the samples itself sound like =) You create calm moments of sound in which I barely can get with my own songs. it's really important to create a connection to listeners with the song, you do that without rushing to the peak like I feel with my songs to get an instant but often to quick reaction from listeners. And you deserve every single listener!

Gut, dass du nichts überstürzt bei deinen Songs und immer ein ordentliches Intro bis zur Mitte und dann zum Schluss des Lieds hast =) Ich werde versuchen jeden Tag für diesen Song abzustimmen ;)

Greetings Sema

Skullbeatz responds:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I think your music is awesome the way it is.
Keep up the good work!

When I'm grown-up I want to become a musician like you =)

Good job at this. With better samples which don't sound cut and a proper hall effect on some instruments you will produce epic tracks =)

rupert484 responds:

Thank you! :) I'm not sure what you mean by sound cut and I'm still trying to figure out good reverb techniques but I will keep trying. :)

This is great and nobody can deny that =)

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Stadler responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the kind words!

I really love the video to this. But I love the music more. This is the best underwater hip hop theme for mario ^^ keep going it's great =D

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I don't even exaggerate you are one of the best musicians here for me on newgrounds because you keep up the melody of a track - never let the melody die ;) and your samples, mastering and soundquality is really good I mean I have Sennheiser 598 and a Asus Xonar Essence STX and I can not hear any artefacts, unwanted noise or overlaying frequencies. Your skills in using a musicprogram are better than mine and I think you use FL Studio? And by the way do you use the vengeance samples? Because I think the last downgoing woooom sound was one of the samples ^^ they are really good quality and I use them for my music too =)

Keep it up please

I don't like the genre so much but your style is hilarious. I heard the original right now and I can not find out if you used a synth as guitar or the guitar of the original track. Is that your voice "common"? =D
And I'm sure if the song would have been drum and bass it would exactly sound like this, the sound is so professional =) I also like your Silent Hill remix so much ^_^

erm WOW I just saw you have songs uploaded but these are not typical songs aren't they? You are damn good. Don't take me for your inspiration because you will get worse then =D I will hear though more of your work =)

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TheDukesDepot responds:

Freaking Semaphore just reviewed my song...and loved it... *Throws up hands and walks away from computer*

Day = Made

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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