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Didn't played the game but this is AWESOME!

I love it. it pleases me beyond yoghurt

What the heck did I just watch

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Great Idea, maybe add some fighting? ^^

ZsoltFekete responds:

If it gets a good rate and good number of plays there will be a lot of updates! Be sure to leave your ideas for them :)

Good work with that and thank you for using my music =)

I absolutely loved the first one and this animated scale should be shown in every school on earth to show the relations of the univers from it's smallest to it's biggest spheres.

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Holy Moly, a genius at work. This track is a vacation.
All Instruments are well chosen and Laura Brehms Voice is mastered to perfection.
Just one little thing on my Sennheiser HD800S is scratching my ears in a harsh way - the Kickdrum. It seems to be clipping with a lot of compressed subbass which falls flat floating in the outer space. Besides that the song couldn't be performed better in my opinion.

Holy Moly this represents the essence of Retrowave Krussi. I love these soft drums and perfect reverbed synths who give a feeling of room and free space which leads me to think on wide open places I've never been in person. Go steady ^-^v

You can bring the appropriate excitement, excellent synthchoice, fluidity and enjoyment in this piece. A great track Krussi <3

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That is so nice =)

exzez responds:

She probably has a hard time wiping her *ss but overall a nice lady indeed. ;)

He's buffed as ****

exzez responds:

Probably a good weight lifting routine or he just beats people as a hobby or profession. Who knows. xD Thanks for your comment buddy.

This reminds me of Silent Hill and Bioshock combined D:

exzez responds:

Yeah i had Silent hill in mind all the time and the bioshock part evolved later on. =)

Making Excellent Music (>^_^)>*

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