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really great

would a very nice space or portal ambient

good job ,sounds very cool

I use FL8 by myself and I'm each time surprised what people can create with it ^^

keep on =)

thefev responds:

That's what I thought it sounded like. I got the feeling of space-ish music when I listened to it at the end, but somehow others got the feeling of "horror game." Well, I guess I'll have to work on conveying thoughts into music a lot more then. ><
I'm still learning actually. FL8 IS pretty awesome. I have to thank MrMilkCarton for teaching me most of the basics. Try PMing him. He "loves to talk."

good job =)

I agree to my predecessor but you've changed the instruments in that time
and the harmonic is very good =)
I give you a minus because on some parts it's distorting a little bit ( especially the bass ) and why the song is build of this 4 notes

but nice job go on ;)

nice sound =)

really cool composition

Epitaph64 responds:

Thanks a bunch ^_^

nice rock

the guitar and the drums are really cool =)

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very nice

love the bells and the composition very beautiful =)

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SuperGoodSound responds:

i had a decent sounding rhodes patch that I combined with an epiano, it sounded nice so I used a lot of it...


smooth sound an a good composition =)

DjViRuSnz responds:

Thanks, still a work in progress, this is just the base ;)

hehe nice

could be longer =)

hehe ^^

sounds like an happy horror theme xD

I imagine an empty and old fairground where some teens play hideout
and suddenly the fairground awake to life and they are catched in the merry-go-rounds xD

this version is better =)

I like the drum and the hihat

go on like this ^^

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Chzz responds:

xD Haunted merry-go-rounds :b
It would be cool, if i practised a little flash, and maybe made some teens doing that xD

Thx for the review :D

somethings wrong with the bass

really nice sound =)

but the bass is weird a few notes away from harmonic ^^ (at 0:19 till 0:47 )

like in your ghost song =D

if that would fixed then it would be AMAZING !

Chzz responds:

These audio pieces where i have written DJ before the name, is audio i made 2 years ago XD I made music from samples back then, because my computer was to slow to record keyboard on it :b

nice storm of notes =D

the beginning is pretty cool and the following compose is great too =)

this remember me on the GL TRON song

long time ago I heard some cool trance song =)

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Nashito responds:

Yay XD Thx... I think it's too repetitive and I can put some pads for harmony, but that's cool too! It was only a random-momentary idea, lol

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