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Posted by Semaphore - November 24th, 2014

Hi Folks,

you motivate me and if you also want to greatly support me you can now do so.

Here it is my second High quality WAV format Album - Meet Semaphore on Bandcamp

Link: http://semaphorenewgrounds.bandcamp.com/album/meet-semaphore


It contains the following Songs:

  1. Meet Francis (Frances)
  2. Symphony of Dreams
  3. Hope in Us
  4. Healing Soul
  5. The Compassion of Music (Extended Version)
  6. The Uprising Good (completely Remastered)
  7. Semas Wintercastle
  8. World of Wonders
  9. Rebuild

Adapted the price on song length so it's max 1,00 € and sometimes 0,30 € cent per song. You can purchase the whole album for 7,00 € or every song for itself. It's a Digital Album and instant ready for download.

I will use all the receipts for a better equippment so I can produce @ maximum quality in future.

Thank you all and stay excellent =)


Posted by Semaphore - August 20th, 2014

Hi there,

I recently joined Bandcamp and uploaded a WAV-High-Quality-Album - Semaphore Core Link: http://semaphorenewgrounds.bandcamp.com/album/semaphore-core


this contains the following Songs (from me filtered) "Bass-Heavy" Tracks in WAV-Quality

  1. - Tranquil Universe
  2. - How Wind Falls
  3. - SemaCore
  4. - One Tunation
  5. - Within a Century
  6. - Spiegel der Vergangenheit 
  7. - Feeling the Bass Ramp

You are free to hear them all on Bandcamp.

So if you want these Songs in highest Quality and at the same time want to support me in getting better equippment and produce even more excellent music you are now able to =)

You're free to purchase the whole album or just single songs you like. It's just 1 € for a piece I often spend days for one song to let it sound great.

A second album is coming soon.

Thank you all for your supportiveness here on Newgrounds it was/is/ and will be my motivation to go on with making art called music.

Party on dudes!

Posted by Semaphore - July 23rd, 2014

I'm not only a hobby musician I also like to dance and play video games. Of course I want to share that with you so if you want to check out my twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/greyten1  you can do so. I will improve the streaming quality from time to time with a new mic or a new cam and be on as often as I can.

Stay Awesome =)

Posted by Semaphore - February 27th, 2014

Hey folks it's Semaphore,

Time for an new update =)  Since last year I'm not only a musician but also try to get better in dubstep dancing. My inspiration for that is the amazing dupstep dance crew RemoteKontrol


Also I will try to produce as much well composed music as I can for 2014.

Enjoy!   Cheers



Posted by Semaphore - October 1st, 2010

Hey everybody I'm a german musicproducer and I really enjoy Newgrounds !

since my last news I composed a lot of new tracks of different genres like

Semacore ( Techno )

All I Want is You Come Home ( RNB)

Within a Century (Drum N' Bass)

Star Trek First Contact Cover ( Ambient-Classic)

Spiegel der Vergangenheit (Trance)

Semaphore's Piano Times ( Classic)

and others =)

also I want to show you my latest favourite Newgrounds artists and their ingenious Songs and also I want to say that I yould be pleased if you give me a comment on my Youtube account --> Semaphore's Youtube Channel
where you can find let's plays and other video versions of my songs or on my Myspace account --->Semaphore's Myspace Channel where you can find special versions of my songs ^_^v

and here are my NG Faves

Instinct with A State of Trance

dj-nate with {dj-N} Radio Tunes

Skullbeatz with Christopher d'Alquen (Skullbeatz)

xkore with Xkur Top Secrut Preview!!!!!!!

vibe with dance of fireflies

Cosmic Graveyerd with CosmicGraveyard Track 20

Bafana with -BAF- Cheer Up [FFS!]

Bas3008 with Entering the Dreamland

Syphonmax with
Farval Farval [Syphonmax

so take a listen and be excellent to each other!

Cheers Sema ^_^v

Posted by Semaphore - October 29th, 2008

First my special thanks go to Newgrounds ... one word " AWESOME!!! " =D

2nd I want to thank the fair voters who make it possible to stand in the top 30 and share thoughts which are contain in every song .

I'm mainly an Ambient Artist so ...

Some nasty people said to me " What the heck is that for a s*** piece of music !? "
( the " s*** " means " slow " because it seems people are annoyed to hear slow things )

But I don't care about it because I have my thoughts and imagins of hopes and dreams I want to catch in notes ... in a song ... in a poem of music

and that is what everyone is trying to do ... my latest submissions

Trancotic Symphony

Symphony of Dreams

short Inferno Town theme

Heaven Town theme

are a mirror of my hopes and dreams and I decided to share them with other people who get maybe inspirated and give us back some of their thoughts ... their hopes and dreams

I want to feel other thoughts of people and I want to feel music Newgrounds make that possible with this great community site and I want to give back something too

I want to honour some amazing artists and their thoughts without I never had get that inspiration =)

EON with Universe City

Fredtherealist with Ode

ProfessorMordarm with Symphony Cruiser

Sp1r1T with Motion of Movement

nal1200 with Tea and Crumpets

FreezeBees (PsyWoofers) with Electronic Symphony

groovatron with last chance ...

Tax-5 with I lost my Heart

F-777 with When a Tear is Shed - F-777

nal1200 with Vivid Illusions

special thanks to this artist ( I enjoy the mental exchange with you ;) )

Chzz with

The Sea Above

and Thunder Tree

and I thank of course all other serious artists in Newgrounds =)

I hope you enjoy the music

greetings Semaphore

Posted by Semaphore - July 27th, 2008

first I want to special thank Newgrounds for the great site , admins and community =)

then I have to thank all the people who have made it possible that 4 of my songs was in the top 30

and even one in the best of the week .

In the future I try to make more songs as "Dream of Water and Land" .

Maybe some music artists want to work together with me or the flash movie artists want to take

one of my songs then pm me I don't bite .

greetings Semaphore

Posted by Semaphore - May 21st, 2008

I wanted to see what that is =)

I haven't any idea yet , but the comments are very funny xD

like this one guy said
"why would you 3 idiots above me waste your time writing those comments if you thought the blog was pointless?" =D
listen to my songs and give your critic to express ^^