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Songs of the World

Posted by Semaphore - October 29th, 2008

First my special thanks go to Newgrounds ... one word " AWESOME!!! " =D

2nd I want to thank the fair voters who make it possible to stand in the top 30 and share thoughts which are contain in every song .

I'm mainly an Ambient Artist so ...

Some nasty people said to me " What the heck is that for a s*** piece of music !? "
( the " s*** " means " slow " because it seems people are annoyed to hear slow things )

But I don't care about it because I have my thoughts and imagins of hopes and dreams I want to catch in notes ... in a song ... in a poem of music

and that is what everyone is trying to do ... my latest submissions

Trancotic Symphony

Symphony of Dreams

short Inferno Town theme

Heaven Town theme

are a mirror of my hopes and dreams and I decided to share them with other people who get maybe inspirated and give us back some of their thoughts ... their hopes and dreams

I want to feel other thoughts of people and I want to feel music Newgrounds make that possible with this great community site and I want to give back something too

I want to honour some amazing artists and their thoughts without I never had get that inspiration =)

EON with Universe City

Fredtherealist with Ode

ProfessorMordarm with Symphony Cruiser

Sp1r1T with Motion of Movement

nal1200 with Tea and Crumpets

FreezeBees (PsyWoofers) with Electronic Symphony

groovatron with last chance ...

Tax-5 with I lost my Heart

F-777 with When a Tear is Shed - F-777

nal1200 with Vivid Illusions

special thanks to this artist ( I enjoy the mental exchange with you ;) )

Chzz with

The Sea Above

and Thunder Tree

and I thank of course all other serious artists in Newgrounds =)

I hope you enjoy the music

greetings Semaphore

Comments (14)

Sorry about this, but I am obligated to leave you a cock joke.

this depresses me beyond measure =( ^^

I've spent a good long while listening to your music, and decided to post my views on them. All I have to say is, that there epic, keep up the good work dude.

I'm gonns keep an eye on your work in the future. Use some of your songs in flash submissions perhaps(audio submissions are allowed to be freely used in flash submissions right?)

Ps. Come visit my page if you have the time :)

wow this is more I have awaited =)

thanks to you mate

I were proud if you use songs of me in your flash submissions

I want to see them when they are finished ^^

you're absolutely right you can use all the audio portal submissions in your flash movies as long as you don't use them for commercial purposes =)

Ps. I will visit your page =D

You really know what you're doing

Your music is great =D

I can only everytime say you too

and you're music too =D

I enjoy the creativity we share too ^^

hehe =D

You're amazing.

I'm using your "Dream of Water and Land Rework" song in my next flash. Go to my page to check out what I'm using it for, please!

I'm very proud you want to take my song for your flash =)

hopefully you pm me when it's finished I want to be your first review =D

I just noticed that you listed me as one of the artists that helped inspire you. I am quite honored that you considered me to be one of them, knowing the great talent out there in NG is nothing to sneeze at.

I never realized that would be the case for me, to inspire someone. It's a great feeling. I hope your works will result in inspiring someone else to to great musical/flash works as well. Though what I have heard so far from your current entries, I suspect that will happen much sooner that you think.

Take care and thanks again for the for the vote of confidence.


You are really one of the persons who stretched my horizon.

Such beautiful compositions like " Symphony Cruiser " are really something special in my eyes ... and ears =)

and every note of your work will walk along with every song I will make in the future . I'm very proud to could listen to your work in here and I think you are one of the best because it sounds like you put your soul in the song and gave it a unforgettable character

sry for my bad english , to be german isn't favorable =D

keep on your great work I will have an eye on it ;)

thanks Semaphore

Oooh damn, I went over to one of my fav songs from you, "Heaven Town", and read "Blood-Raven651" story-review. The song and the story just fits so good!
Anyhow, when will I hear new work from you? :D

Cheers ^^

that makes me proud Krussi =)

I watched 7 Pounds with Will Smith yesterday
the best drama I've ever seen
... after the movie I was drowned in tears
because I could compare my attitude with the major actors character
my next song will be dedicated to the movie inside the next month
I will never reach the emotional mood of it with a song I make but I have to bring out a response of my soul....

and maybe I will catched by one of your great songs and begin to make a remix =) only if I'm allowed to do one

greetings Semaphore

I haven't seen 7 Pounds, I guess i'll have to see it :D Can't wait for your next songs, and I'd love to see my songs remixed. Just let me know what song you want, in which format (Midi/Flp) and so on :D

And keep up the good work Semaphore ^^



BUT U 2 Mate ;)

wow you music is so calming and beautiful! keep up the great and wonderful job!

that's not a problem for me =D

thanks QuiBears

I inspired YOU!!! i feel honoured and wish to tell u i think ur music is superb :)

your song last chance is one of the best songs in the world for me =)

you gave me so much impressions with it

to exchange our musical minds is the best what can happen =D

keep up making such great music by yourself ;)

I was just having a listen through all my favourites today and Dream of Water and Land is still one of my all time favourite songs ever on Newgrounds. When I need to escape, headspace, imagination, I can put DOWAL on repeat and write allsorts of creative material, for my scripts and blogs.

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful song.

I dreamed when I was a little child and now I can realize my musical thoughts and have done this in a part with DOWAL I'm very proud you give me your thanks and great opinion

I will go on with making music =)

Thanks for making this post, I saw a few artists I liked in it (after coming to your page) so checked out the others, and found a couple more that I liked.

that's the meaning of this post to find other stuff you could like =)

I enjoy it like you ^^



yay yay

Heaven Town Theme is... It is great!! I feel the emotions you've put into it!! Damn its fucking great!! :D