Entry #8

Meet Semaphore on Bandcamp #2

2014-11-24 22:40:08 by Semaphore

Hi Folks,

you motivate me and if you also want to greatly support me you can now do so.

Here it is my second High quality WAV format Album - Meet Semaphore on Bandcamp

Link: http://semaphorenewgrounds.bandcamp.com/album/meet-semaphore


It contains the following Songs:

  1. Meet Francis (Frances)
  2. Symphony of Dreams
  3. Hope in Us
  4. Healing Soul
  5. The Compassion of Music (Extended Version)
  6. The Uprising Good (completely Remastered)
  7. Semas Wintercastle
  8. World of Wonders
  9. Rebuild

Adapted the price on song length so it's max 1,00 € and sometimes 0,30 € cent per song. You can purchase the whole album for 7,00 € or every song for itself. It's a Digital Album and instant ready for download.

I will use all the receipts for a better equippment so I can produce @ maximum quality in future.

Thank you all and stay excellent =)



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2014-12-02 16:12:53

Very relaxing music. It feels repetitive, though, and gets old to me before the album has finished playing.

Semaphore responds:

Thanks for your opinion =)


2014-12-02 18:09:37

I wish I could come up with more to say, because my comment sounds very negative, and I don't mean it that way. Your music is really nice. Nine nice tracks. My complaint is only that they are too similar for me. :)


2015-02-26 00:25:36

I wish we could rate post on here. I would give 5 stars

Semaphore responds:

liked ^_^v


2015-04-16 13:02:53