Semaphore on Bandcamp (excellent music)

2014-08-20 20:27:55 by Semaphore

Hi there,

I recently joined Bandcamp and uploaded a WAV-High-Quality-Album - Semaphore Core Link:


this contains the following Songs (from me filtered) "Bass-Heavy" Tracks in WAV-Quality

  1. - Tranquil Universe
  2. - How Wind Falls
  3. - SemaCore
  4. - One Tunation
  5. - Within a Century
  6. - Spiegel der Vergangenheit 
  7. - Feeling the Bass Ramp

You are free to hear them all on Bandcamp.

So if you want these Songs in highest Quality and at the same time want to support me in getting better equippment and produce even more excellent music you are now able to =)

You're free to purchase the whole album or just single songs you like. It's just 1 € for a piece I often spend days for one song to let it sound great.

A second album is coming soon.

Thank you all for your supportiveness here on Newgrounds it was/is/ and will be my motivation to go on with making art called music.

Party on dudes!


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