Semaphore Favourites ! ^_^v

2010-10-01 12:50:51 by Semaphore

Hey everybody I'm a german musicproducer and I really enjoy Newgrounds !

since my last news I composed a lot of new tracks of different genres like

Semacore ( Techno )

All I Want is You Come Home ( RNB)

Within a Century (Drum N' Bass)

Star Trek First Contact Cover ( Ambient-Classic)

Spiegel der Vergangenheit (Trance)

Semaphore's Piano Times ( Classic)

and others =)

also I want to show you my latest favourite Newgrounds artists and their ingenious Songs and also I want to say that I yould be pleased if you give me a comment on my Youtube account --> Semaphore's Youtube Channel
where you can find let's plays and other video versions of my songs or on my Myspace account --->Semaphore's Myspace Channel where you can find special versions of my songs ^_^v

and here are my NG Faves

Instinct with A State of Trance

dj-nate with {dj-N} Radio Tunes

Skullbeatz with Christopher d'Alquen (Skullbeatz)

xkore with Xkur Top Secrut Preview!!!!!!!

vibe with dance of fireflies

Cosmic Graveyerd with CosmicGraveyard Track 20

Bafana with -BAF- Cheer Up [FFS!]

Bas3008 with Entering the Dreamland

Syphonmax with
Farval Farval [Syphonmax

so take a listen and be excellent to each other!

Cheers Sema ^_^v


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2010-10-01 19:19:57

wow your german too. isnt germany great?

Semaphore responds:

Germany is the best country for musicians =D


2011-08-03 11:06:25

I just wanted to say amazing work, I love your submissions


2012-01-03 14:41:45

Great stuff man! :)
Hey I'm german to, meh... "half german", my dad is.

Hope to see more of your stuff soon!


2012-05-07 23:02:26

Erstaunliche Musik! Ich werde uberprüfen Sie mehr von Ihrer Arbeit. Ich fur mein Deutsch Grammatik zu entschuldigen! X-D

Semaphore responds:

You can call me by "du" =D


2014-01-12 20:53:17

400th fan :D