2008-07-27 21:10:07 by Semaphore

first I want to special thank Newgrounds for the great site , admins and community =)

then I have to thank all the people who have made it possible that 4 of my songs was in the top 30

and even one in the best of the week .

In the future I try to make more songs as "Dream of Water and Land" .

Maybe some music artists want to work together with me or the flash movie artists want to take

one of my songs then pm me I don't bite .

greetings Semaphore


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2008-07-27 21:15:19

4 of your songs got in the top 30? They must be good then.

Semaphore responds:

newgrounds and the people decided , not me ;)


2008-07-29 02:28:43

please send me back some messages. and i left you a message at your page called [Dream of Water and Land]

I've really enjoyed the song. makes me feel relaxed and reminds me of the past and makes a angry person calm.

Thanks to you for m'm a boy aking this kind of awesome song.


By the way don't think i'm a boy because i'm a girl :] i just can't get a small picture for ny self sorry Dx

Semaphore responds:

I'm very proud that you like it =)

greetings Semaphore


2008-08-01 12:12:37

I think this is really cool :b

Congratulations my friend xD

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much =D

I wish you the same honor and together we can make you VIP-like in newgrounds xD


2008-08-09 11:29:47

good songs

Semaphore responds:

thank you =)


2008-08-16 08:35:27

You win, I listened to the orginal of thunderstruck, and i hate it, i think the words ruin it, so infact, you beat ACDC

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much ^^


2008-09-04 16:44:06

you're from germany? ive always wanted to go there... specially cause my grandparents are from there

nice music btw

Semaphore responds:

yeah =)

I hope you will come to here soon =D

thanks ^^


2008-09-29 06:16:32

You are a very cool person. Keep being amazing :)

Semaphore responds:

if you promise you keep by your attitude =)


2008-10-08 20:54:26

Hey man, great music, I'll get around to faving some of it later once I've
updated my flash player & can listen to it without first downloading cuz
that takes a bit longer, but anyway...I heard about you from Chzz & your
work on his song Thundertree, which was really great!

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much =)

I just helped him to find a better way to express himself with more sound quality and infact character for his songs